[Catalyst] Catalyst 5.90010 server must be in CWD to run?

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Fri Mar 2 19:54:26 GMT 2012

On 22 Feb 2012, at 09:50, Matthias Dietrich wrote:

> I stumbled over this issue some days ago and asked about it in IRC.  t0m wanted to add a fix for this but either he couldn't make it yet or the fix isn't yet on CPAN.

Hi, sorry about this.

The current release fixes this mostly.

What's currently in master (which will be in the next point release) has a better fix for this, which is simpler and nearer to the historical behaviour people are relying on/expecting, but without the original issue which was causing a problem for someone ;_)

The latest version should be up on CPAN over the weekend, but if anyone is still having any issues, I'd love if they could try it out and yell if it works (or doesn't!) for them.


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