[Catalyst] Re: Questions If You Please

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Mon Mar 5 14:09:35 GMT 2012

* James D Bearden <james at dvns.com> [2012-03-02 21:55]:
>  4) Finally, our current system relies on a more or less stock SSL over
>     TCP socket for secure transport. I already have the conversion from
>     a TCP socket connection to stateless HTTP working with minimal
>     impact to our current codebase, but not the SSL to HTTPS. I see
>     there is a module to require a secure connection, but is there no
>     module to actually provide the secure connection? In other words, to
>     use HTTPS do I need to proxy through a web server because there is
>     no way for something like starman to do that by itself? What is
>     complicating matters is our client is a thick Java application, so
>     if there is no way then I would rather just build in some sort of
>     mechanism to disable HTTPS for development rather than set up a
>     HTTPS capable development web server.

I believe Starman has an unreleased branch that adds SSL support.

You can use App::TLSMe as a stopgap solution in the meantime.

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