[Catalyst] Re: HTML::FormHandler help!

Gerda Shank gerda.shank at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 22:29:35 GMT 2012

On 3/6/12 12:13 PM, Sungsam Gong wrote:
> Dear Gerda,
> Thanks for making HTML::FormHandler, which I found very useful.
> I was trying to make a simple registration page using
> HTML::FormHandler, but couldn't make it through.
> The form itself looks OK, but after clicking the submit button, I got
> an error message which I dumped below:

You've left off a lot of the pertinent information, including your form 
and the result source class. This:  Nectar::WebV2::Model::NECTAR::User 
doesn't look exactly like a DBIC row object, just from the name. And 
since the update code is failing, there's got to be something wrong in 
the relationship to DBIC. The update is done in the 'update_model' sub. 
You might want to see what's in the $form->value that's supposed to be 
passed to DBIx::Class::ResultSet::RecursiveUpdate. That interface is 
pretty simple. You can take the value hashref and pass it to 
RecursiveUpdate yourself, which might be easier to debug.


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