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Wed Mar 7 15:39:00 GMT 2012

I've been very happy using=A0http://ikiwiki.info/, written in Perl, the bac=
kend is conveniently a git repo.


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>ShinyCMS? www.shinycms.org
>From themain page.
>ShinyCMS is built in Perl using the Catalyst framework.
>-- Dimitar Petrov wrote:
>> Toby, as far as I know t0m want to fix that issue once he got little bit=
 more time. =

>> I was not pointing at you to fix that issue actually. After I've mention=
ed that yesterday in #catalyst, Marcus Bamberg (marcus) noted that he got a=
 few other wikis and he never experienced such a problem and I think no one=
 reported memory leaks in mojomojo. =

>> I fully agree with everything that you've said already and I really thin=
k that Catalyst (and actually not only Catalyst, but Perl as well) should b=
e working a little bit harder of the marketing side and the first impressio=
>> =

>> Would you mind joining #catalyst at irc.perl.org <http://irc.perl.org> a=
nd discuss that over there? :)
>> =

>> PS: Both designs are great... +1 vote for version 1 :)
>> =

>> Cheers,
>> Dimitar
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>> On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 11:35 AM, Tobias Kremer <tobias.kremer at gmail.com =
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>>=A0 =A0  On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 8:51 AM, Dimitar Petrov <mitakaa at gmail.com
>>=A0 =A0  <mailto:mitakaa at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>=A0 =A0 =A0 > I've asked yesterday at #catalyst and it seems to be unmodi=
>>=A0 =A0  mojomojo
>>=A0 =A0 =A0 > installation. The reason it's 503ing sometimes is probably =
>>=A0 =A0  leak. You
>>=A0 =A0 =A0 > can ask there to get more information.
>> =

>>=A0 =A0  Thanks Dimitar, but I'm certainly not going to fix memory leaks =
in an
>>=A0 =A0  IMHO broken wiki software which compared to other alternatives n=
>>=A0 =A0  really worked that well in the first place (and I've done my fair
>>=A0 =A0  share of edits in it). No offense to the creators/maintainers.
>>=A0 =A0  Unfortunately, migrating to a more widely used software (which j=
>>=A0 =A0  works) is probably unwanted (because it probably isn't written in
>>=A0 =A0  Perl) and non-trivial.
>> =

>>=A0 =A0  And before everyone starts shouting "well volunteered" because I=
>>=A0 =A0  obviously just ranting and not doing anything to change the situ=
>>=A0 =A0  here's one I prepared earlier (couple of years ago TBH) which
>>=A0 =A0  unfortunately never saw the light of day:
>>=A0 =A0 http://www.funkreich.de/catalyst/
>> =

>>=A0 =A0  Sorry for getting all emotional, but I'm somewhat frustrated tha=
t the
>>=A0 =A0  leading Perl MVC framework still has that same old pathetic and =
>>=A0 =A0  broken website. Is this something somebody is already working on?
>> =

>>=A0 =A0  --Toby
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