[Catalyst] New catalystframework.org

Tobias Kremer tobias.kremer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 14:45:58 GMT 2012


> * The "eBook (PDF) from Apress" link is broken.

Fixed in trunk.

> * grey on black is difficult to read

Made the links in the footer a tad lighter.

> * The amazon.com link leads to amazon.co.uk (not a problem, but unexpected)

It looks like the link is some sort of affiliate link
(tag=enligperlorga-21) which I didn't want to break. Should/Can this
be changed?

> * light peach on white is so difficult to see that I didn't even notice it was there at first

Unfortunately, I don't know what you mean ...

> * fonts are sized in pixels - not good for screens of varying
> resolutions, and specifically ignoring my browser settings

My browser (Chrome) happily scales the fonts (and everything else
accordingly) even though they are sized in pixels. Even Twitter's
bootstrap uses pixels and it's becoming somewhat of a de-facto

> * in fact, it seems everything is sized in pixels - ugh
> * The layout assumes that I am willing to give it over 1000 wide of my
> screen pixels. I'm not usually, and on my netbook it is physically
> impossible.
> * When it isn't given 1000 pixels, the layout is ugly (the background of
> column 3 is truncated)

Best thing would be a responsive design version. Unfortunately, I
haven't found the time yet to completely overhaul the (2-3 years old)
markup. I just wanted to finally get it out there because the old site
looks horrible IMHO and was partially broken and/or outdated.

Thanks for your comments, Dave!


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