[Catalyst] Delays in Explorer connections via Catalyst

will trillich will.trillich at serensoft.com
Sun Mar 18 16:37:44 GMT 2012

Catalistas -- got an odd Explorer puzzle for you...

Short version:

We're noticing that Explorer often seems to "hang" for a minute or so on
ajax/XHR requests. I suspect it's an open connection where Explorer is
waiting for something -- either more data, or maybe a 'close' event? Is
there a way to force the output to flush or to close?

Longer version:

Using jQuery in our Catalyst app to fill out tabbed areas on-demand, in
Firefox the response time is nearly immediate. In Explorer, it's sometimes
very speedy, but other times it "spins its wheels" for 60 seconds before
rendering the ajax'd content.

When we run the server via "*script/*server.pl -d*" we sometimes don't even
see the request arrive until the end of those 60 seconds (for Explorer).
That is, we initiate the event in the browser at *12:01:01* and the
Catalyst debug output (eventually) displays *[info] *** Request 6 (0.067/s)
[2188] [Sun Mar 18 12:02:03 2012]* and that's when the browser renders the
results (some 60+ seconds later!).

Is this a flush/open-connection issue? If not, what Explorer-savvy
diagnostic tools are available to narrow this down?

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