[Catalyst] Re: Delays in Explorer connections via Catalyst

Adam Sjøgren asjo at koldfront.dk
Sun Mar 18 19:21:03 GMT 2012

On Sun, 18 Mar 2012 14:08:08 -0500, will wrote:

> Ooh, ngrep is wicked awesome! Thanks for that tidbit--

I can recommend using -Wbyline with ngrep. Makes the output easier to read.

> Here you can see there's a MINUTE AND 18 SECONDS between request @13:56:27
> and response @13:57:45!

What is the application doing meanwhile? Does it use CPU? What do you
see in the debug info?

It isn't something silly - like trying to resolve the hostname of the

Does this happen for all your Catalyst applications? (Maybe create a
dummy one, to rule out your application code.)

> So there's frequent (but not 100% consistent) delay on the server-side

Can you see any pattern in when it happens and when it doesn't?

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