[Catalyst] Authentication in a Many Database Scenario

Steve steve at matsch.com
Wed May 9 20:51:54 GMT 2012

I have such an application, albeit a small one with multiple databases - 
one per customer.  I store all the users in a single, separate database, 
and for each user, store a reference to their particular database.  Once 
authenticated, I use InstancePerContext to build the appropriate 
database model.  It works fine.

On 5/9/2012 4:42 PM, Denny wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 21:09 +0100, Scott Simpson wrote:
>> I’d like to offer users their own database (so that their own data is
>> separate from other users) but use the same MVC code for all the user
>> databases.
> https://metacpan.org/module/TEEJAY/Catalyst-TraitFor-Component-ConfigPerSite-0.08/lib/Catalyst/Model/DBIC/ConfigPerSite.pm
> ...might interest you.  It's intended for running a database per site
> for a multidomain webapp, but you might find some useful ideas in there.
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