[Catalyst] upstart script for Starman-based app?

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Thu May 10 05:55:06 GMT 2012

From: "Jack Downes" <jdownes at krmc.org>
Subject: RE: [Catalyst] upstart script for Starman-based app?

I do something similar with FreeBSD.  My install consists of a local
install of perl, cat, dbic, etc to get my app running.  I use nginx from
system configured as a proxy.  Now, I see a lot of people using Starman
with nginx and you are asking for Starman, so that's doable...  Anyway I
use nginx to proxy to the fastcgi process... I'm pretty sure this isn't
starman, but then, I don't know for sure.

My point in this is that I have not written rc scripts for my catalyst
app, and probably won't.  There exists another way which, for me as a
standard user on this system is pretty much perfect

I use @reboot in the crontab.  Perhaps this will work for you as well?
It's quite simple... perhaps overly so.

Jack Downes

Not exactly. I would also like to be able to use a simple command to stop/restart/start the app manually if I need it, like
start app
service app start

because I know how to kill -QUIT `cat file.pid`, but this would appear pretty complicated if I must tell it to somebody else by phone to use it if necessary.


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