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From: John Napiorkowski =

  Hey All,

  I published a blog regarding my thought (and only my thoughts at this poi=
nt) regarding how to approach understanding what a long term roadmap for Ca=
talyst could be.  From the recent poll it seems this is a major gap.  So he=
re's my way to kick off a conversation, and I'm sharing linkage here on the=
 list since I know not all of you hang on on IRC or follow a lot of blogs:




  I think that it could be helpful if that roadmap would tell more clear fo=
r what kind of web sites would be Catalyst better than other frameworks (an=
d for what kind of sites would not be).

  For example, I think that Catalyst is good for big web sites as well as f=
or small sites, but in case of limited resources, especially memory, Cataly=
st might not be the best choice, and because the apps made with Catalyst us=
ually have many dependencies, it might not be the best choice when the app =
is deployed on the cloud. Or am I wrong? It would be helpful to be sure...

  Then, in order to find where is Catalyst on his road, it can be positione=
d in comparison with other web frameworks (especially Dancer and Mojoliciou=
s, but maybe even frameworks for other languages, like Ruby on Rails).

  I've seen that some newbies use to put questions about the recommended we=
b framework on some sites (like Linkedin) and I think that it could be help=
ful for them if they could see the most important differences between most =
important frameworks without needing to learn them all before beeng able to=

  And the things that can be compared could be... if the framework has scaf=
olding scripts, if they use a single file or more, how scalable they are, i=
f they need a manual URL dispatcher or if it is done automaticly, if they c=
an be used on some cloud sites or not, how easy is to use other modules fro=
m CPAN with them, like DBIC, TT, HTML::FormFu, or Rest, or how easy is to i=
ntegrate Catalyst apps with other existing apps... and which are the propos=
ed improvements where they are necessary.

  Also some things about using Catalyst and Bread::Board in the future and =
how it be useful would be also helpful.

  The recommendation is to create Catalyst apps as standalone as possible a=
nd to use the web just as an interface... one of the interfaces of the app,=
 but most of the tutorials and examples are not done this way.

  It would be also helpful to know if there are intentions to make Catalyst=
 to be even more easier to use with such a standalone app, and how should b=
e the interface offered by that app to work with Catalyst.... I mean, if so=
me best practices should be expected, or TIMTOWTDI (each on his own) will b=
e the single recommendation in the future.


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