[Catalyst] Why is $c undefined?

Craig Chant craig at homeloanpartnership.com
Mon Oct 29 19:29:38 GMT 2012

Thanks Will,

Appreciate you clarifying this for me.


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On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 2:07 PM, Craig Chant <craig at homeloanpartnership.com=
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sub begin :Private {

    my ( $self, $c ) =3D @_;

    # Authenticate

Note, you don't pass $c to AuthenticateUser here!

    return 1;


I then have...

sub AuthenticateUser {

    my ( $self, $c ) =3D @_;



However, $c is undefined and errors, it only works if I pass it $c from 'be=


I was under the impression that $c was the context (Catalyst) default varia=
ble and was always passed to every method / subroutine.

is this not the case?

Right, that's not the case. It only passes to the :Chained or :Args or :Cap=
tureArgs methods. This leaves you free to create your own internal methods =
that don't get extra $c args interfering with your logic.

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