[Catalyst] Localizing output in Catalyst plugins using $c->loc

Jan Grmela jan.grmela at imakers.cz
Tue Sep 4 07:29:02 GMT 2012

Yup, it's a 'real' plugin USEd in MyApp.pm and called Catalyst::Plugin::PluginName placed in MyApp/lib/Catalyst/Plugin/PluginName.pm.

And the weird thing is I swear it wasn't working yesterday but today it is using the call you've mentioned. And I'm sure I didn't change anything connected with l10n.

Thanks anyway for a fast reply ;)

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On Sep 3, 2012, at 21:43 , Tomas Doran wrote:

> On 3 Sep 2012, at 08:53, Jan Grmela wrote:
>> What is the best way to localize strings in a Catalyst plugin?
> If it's a 'real' plugin, then it's already composed onto the app, and so you can just use $c->loc - do you instead mean a model or other component that doesn't have such easy access?
> Cheers
> t0m
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