[Catalyst] Streaming video online to a flash or HTML5 player

Hector Azpurua h3ct0r.ml at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 19:06:41 GMT 2012

I'm developing a site with serves several videos online, using Catalyst and
the JWplayer, and I cant find a stable way of stream the videos to the
client player with the capability of start the video from a random point.

I searched the web for some ways to do it but I cannot find a simple way of
implementing it in Catalyst (RTMP or HTTP Pseudostreaming) because i need
my program to serve the videos only if a user have the permission to do it,
not serve the file directly. The only simple example that i found was a old
Catalyst script streaming an MP3 (
but I didn't know if that will work as expected if I apply that technique
to videos.

What would be a good approach to serve online videos in Catalyst/Perl in a
non complicated way? Or what is the recommended way to do it?

Thanks guys!
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