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Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Sun Sep 30 16:12:57 GMT 2012

Anyone using Test::Sweet or Test::Class(::Most) with your large Catalyst
apps?   Opinions about either -- or lessons learned?  Anything else to look

We have tended to write pretty standard procedural-style tests which are
easy to understand across our team (for a few dozen developers) and often
end up factoring out common code into utility classes.  But, those utility
classes are often one-offs and at the whim of the developer how to
structure it.   I do want something more standardized but easily extensible.

I'm finding Test::Class works great for unit tests -- especially when
testing related sub-classes -- but we tend to write more
feature/integration tests.   In other words, tests are longer and depend on
previous tests.   I guess another term might be workflow tests.

I want a framework that enforces good structure, and also that makes it
easy to run single tests (that is, run a single tests within a single .t
file) to make debugging faster.  (e.g. Run the first five tests of 20.)

On the other side, and perhaps unrelated to above, but I do want to make
sure our tests can be run in parallel so we can run full-test more often
and take advantage of our larger multi-core machines.

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Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org
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