[Catalyst] More detailed proposal for changes related to content negotiation and REST

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 9 04:27:53 GMT 2013

Hey All,

I had a bit of time on a few plane rides recent to get a chance to write do=
wn all the various thoughts and ideas I've heard around what could be a min=
imally useful expansion of how Catalyst handles content types beyond classi=
c form data, etc as well as some features to make it easier to use Catalyst=
 for building web services.

These are new core features not intended to compete so much with existing t=
ools like Catalyst::Action::REST but instead to provide some minimal and ho=
pefully correct support out of the box, to help beginners find enough in Ca=
talyst to stick with it. =A0And hopefully better core support will make it =
easier to improve specific tools (like CAR).

I wrote it up in pod format and put it out on the github organization for a=
ny and all to comment, add tickets to, fork and send me corrections, etc.

I don't specifically see this as targeted for the Hamburg release, but most=
 of it I think is straightforward, so I'd be happy to help mentor anyone th=
at wanted to run with it.


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