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John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 19 12:43:28 GMT 2013


Yeah, the skeleton builder is showing its age a bit. =A0I personally never =
use it, but I see the need for something like this.

I've come to the conclusion that 'one starter to rule them all' isn't going=
 to be very forward looking no matter what it looks like. =A0I was ponderin=
g something were people could easily make templates and skel on say github =
and people could point some sort of cmd line tool at it and just use their =
favorite authors way of doing it. =A0That way people could fork their favor=
ite and tweak it a bit. =A0We could even have a repo on github with a list =
of all the know templates that the commandline tools would read and make it=
 straight up to generate a new project.

On the other hand... maybe its silly to reinvent the wheel here. =A0Isn't t=
his just what Chef and Puppet do? =A0Maybe we should just use that instead?=
 =A0I personally have no issue using Python or Ruby for something as simple=
 as a project builder, and it would solve some issues. =A0We'd even be able=
 to make chef scripts to do stuff like set up common tables and all that (h=
ow many user/role tables have you made).

Of course Puppet/Chef might seem like terrible overkill as well. =A0Again, =
It would be nice to have a way for people to be able to easily create basic=
 project templates and a little more, like setup mysql, etc.



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>Hi All, =

>After working with catalyst for some time, I found catalyst.pl too minimal=
istic for my needs.=A0
>So I created a small script called ctstarter.pl that adds some features to=
 the base template you get for a new project. Currently it adds:
>1. A starter DB and migrations (using DBIx::Class::Migration)
>2. Code and DB tables for managing users and roles (using CatalystX::Simpl=
>3. A Twitter Bootstrap web view with templates (using Catalyst::Helper::Vi=
>4. Two helper scripts: one to upgrade the DB and the other to reset admin =
>You can find the source and usage instructions here:
>Any feedbacks is appreciated.
>=A0 Ynon
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