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On 22/12/2013 2:36 AM, Bill Moseley wrote:
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>     ....
>     My article today actually
>     (http://www.catalystframework.org/calendar/2013/21), even though
>     I'm actually talking here about the above case.
> Just a note on the Advent article.
> I'm was also very happy to see you building this into a model at the =

> end.  I sometimes wonder if that is not stressed enough when learning =

> Catalyst.   I see a lot of code written into controllers at work that =

> should really be models.  I will pass the link to the Advent article =

> around.
Was mostly intending to work on the current quest tasks for 'Catalyst =

runner'. But there is a valid side point.

Just a note from me, and possibly a re-post and blogging (much needed). =

It's not only just the abstraction to 'Model' that is important 'IMHO' =

but the full abstraction of Domain logic away from the 'Web framework'.

As implied, there is too much of 'how an application works' applied at =

the controller level, in many occasions, which is what many of us see. =

So not only is promoting MVC concepts a boon to most development cycles, =

but promoting true Dependency injection concepts ( i.e Currently =

'Model::Adaptor' / 'Model::Factory::*' in a Catalyst sense ) to further =

pull in the Domain logic that  'should just work' outside of the 'web =

framework' is again IMHO the way things should be done.

There was a further concept (re: DI concepts) hidden in the codebase =

where 'Config::Loader' is ditched for a class that can be used outside =

of Catalyst.

Hope that all had fun and hope that some picked up something new or =

otherwise from the above. Which is why we take the time to write such =

things :)


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