[Catalyst] May be asynchronous communication between Catalyst applications

Francisco Obispo fobispo at isc.org
Sat Feb 23 07:01:38 GMT 2013

I would probably use a message queue.

Have you looked into RabbitMQ ?

App 1 would be the producer, and you would have a consumer, responsible for performing the operation on App 2.


On Feb 22, 2013, at 10:40 PM, linuxsupport <lin.support at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I need your help on the following scenario.
> I have 2 Catalyst apps, say App 1 and App 2
> Now, User access the App 1 and request something, App 1 then connect to App 2 for the information but getting that information takes sometime lets say 15 minutes.
> What I want to implement is that, App 1 checks the status of request which was sent to App 2 every 2 minutes and once completed it gets the response.
> Checking the status every 2 minutes can be controlled from the browser using Ajax, client side code can send status request to App 1, App 1 can forward this request to App 2, but how App2 will maintain the state and keep the job running even if App 1 gets disconnect from App 2.
> Is there something similar to Ajax for Catalyst to Catalyst communication?
> I can create a table on App 2 and store the request, and run a cron script to process the request and update table with result, App 1 can then pull the information from that table but looking for more elegant way to do it.
> Thanks
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