[Catalyst] Catalyst Actions precedence

Nick Anderson nick at webcraftcs.com
Thu Feb 28 10:43:12 GMT 2013

>> I presume then, that having a /*/... wildcard action to catch everything else is not advisable? Is using the default action the preferred method then to allow for unknown/dynamic URLs where an application defined action is unavailable?
> The usual thing to do with default is to catch 404 errors.

If the default action should only really be used for 404 errors, how 
should one cater for URLs where the full path is dynamic and no part of 
it matches a controller (chained) action? Is this inadvisable?

For example, I started having:


with the controller/action match on "pages". But then I decided that it 
would be nicer to eliminate the "pages" part (indeed one of my clients 
expressly requested it be removed!):




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