[Catalyst] CSV / UTF-8 / Unicode

Craig Chant craig at homeloanpartnership.com
Tue Jul 2 14:48:43 GMT 2013

I looked at that link but it doesn't have anything on DBD::ODBC that I could see.

Interesting enough utf8::is_utf8($xls) returns true, but it isn't because the output is garbage?

Also as utf8::is_utf8 claims the string is UTF-8,  why does decode baulk with 'cannot decode string with wide characters'?

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On 2 Jul 2013, at 14:36, Mike Whitaker <mike at altrion.org> wrote:
> On 2 Jul 2013, at 14:34, Craig Chant <craig at homeloanpartnership.com> wrote:
>> So either I refactor my SQL model wrappers under Catalyst to use Win32::ODBC, or I find out why DBI is corrupting my SQL data.
> Be a hero. Do the latter :D :D

..and have a read of http://juerd.nl/site.plp/perluniadvice

You may also find that calling utf8::is_utf8() on the strings that come back from your DB may be revealing (this is one case in which you may use this without people screaming NOOOOOOOO!), as may http://search.cpan.org/~ilyaz/Devel-Peek-0.96/Peek.pm for peeking into the innnards of Perl strings.

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