[Catalyst] Brain dump of possible tasks for Catalyst Development

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 3 17:13:32 GMT 2013

Hey all,

I'd like for this upcoming development cycle to spend a little more time up=
front discussion all the different ideas I know floating around for where C=
atalyst is going over the time. =A0When we did the poll last year, many peo=
ple said the top thing preventing them from contributing was not knowing wh=
at to do. =A0We've tried to start to address this by setting shorter (2 mon=
th or so) development cycles with a handful of documented goals, and to com=
municate those as well as the start, end and status of the project. =A0I th=
ink that has been reasonable successful, but I'd like to draw in more conce=
rned citizens, those of you using Catalyst at work or for learning. =A0So t=
his time, before we launch the next dev cycle, I want to spend some time re=
viewing a bunch of ideas, some good, some possible bad, others just weird w=
ith the community so that we can discuss them and possible find the best th=
ings to work on, as well and improve the ideas in discussion.

Remember that contribution is not just code, but anyone that helps to advoc=
ate and shape an idea is also contributing. =A0Anyone that blogs about some=
 of the ideas and the status of them, and the discussion around them is als=
o contributing. =A0Basically, its actually quite hard to not contribute!

I've put together a big list in POD and put it out on github over here:=A0h=
ttps://github.com/perl-catalyst/Catalyst-Dev-WildIdeas but starting in a bi=
t I am going to blog about each item in turn, and try to work together to d=
etail out the thinking such as to improve it or find it wanting.

These will probably end up in some sort of tracker but for now it seems the=
re's no consensus as to what that should be, so I just used POD and git whi=
ch seems like a rational common denominator. =A0Perhaps we should also send=
 to this CPAN, to catch people that don't monitor the mailing list? =A0Not =
sure, lets see.

For now you can add github issues, send pull requests, or whatever makes yo=
u happy in terms of improving the ideas. =A0or write the mailing list. =A0w=
hatever works for you.

Thanks for tuning in,=A0

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