[Catalyst] CSV / UTF-8 / Unicode

Craig Chant craig at homeloanpartnership.com
Fri Jul 5 14:59:30 GMT 2013

Nice one Mike spot on!

I did a bit of digging myself before trying anything and found this blog : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/qingsongyao/archive/2009/04/10/sql-server-and-utf-8-encoding-1-true-or-false.aspx

You learn something new every day!

It seems MS encoding is 'UCS-2' which is equivalent to 'UTF-16' (sort of, but not exact!)

Perhaps Win32::ODBC handles this natively whereas DBI::DBD::ODBC doesn't?

Having read the UCS-2 info at the bottom of the DBD::ODBC CPAN docs it seems DBD::ODBC is messy as hell trying to support UCS-2 / UTF-16.

I have tried within Perl to use decode against the string from the DBI fetch, but it just errors...

[error] Caught exception in My_App::Controller:: XLSExport->export "Wide character in subroutine entry at C:/Perl/lib/Encode.pm line 176."

And that was using UTF-16 and UCS-2 / UCS-2BE encoding types, is seems as per the encode docs "Bogus surrogates result in death."

And I guess as utf8::is_utf8 comes back as true and the fact it states on the DBD::ODBC docs...

" Perl scalars which are UTF-8 and are sent through the ODBC API will be converted to UTF-16 and passed to the ODBC wide APIs or signalled as SQL_WCHARs (e.g., in the case of bound columns). Retrieved data which are wide characters are converted from UTF-16 to UTF-8. However, you should realise most ODBC drivers do not support UTF-16"

It seems the DBD::ODBC driver is auto converting the data from UTF-16 to UTF-8, and that is where the corruption must be occurring, it even states that UTF-16 isn't really supported under ODBC?

So what I have is UTF-8, but after a conversion by the ODBC driver from UCS-2 using UTF-16 encoding, which appears to be making a mess of things.

I have checked and I was running DBI v 1.616, so installed latest version 1.627 plus upgraded DBD::ODBC to 1.43 but exactly the same problem!

I'm at a loss what else I can do other than throw DBI away and refactor to Win32::ODBC , it seems DBI::DBD::ODBC is converting the data on retrieval into UTF-8 and making a pigs ear of it! I can't see any simple switch or parameter to tell DBD::ODBC to do things differently, can you?

There is a whole bunch of Unicode maybe's and caveats on the DBD::ODBC CPAN docs, yet if you scan the Win32::ODBC CPAN docs for a mention of UTF-8 / UTF-16 / UCS-2 or the word Unicode, none of them are mentioned even once, so is that a significant indicator of something?

I've checked with DBD::ODBC and Win32::ODBC , that the ODBC.pm is not the same module being used, I can see a flag in the DBI ODBC.pm module of "odbc_has_unicode", but it is an read only  attribute.

Can you suggest anything else that might prevent DBI from corrupting the data on UTF-8 conversion?


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On 4 Jul 2013, at 10:30, Mike Whitaker <mike at altrion.org> wrote:
> On 4 Jul 2013, at 09:56, Craig Chant <craig at homeloanpartnership.com> wrote:
>> Yes it's NVARCHAR(max) , which I understood is MS's data-typing for uNicode VARiable CHARacters, looking at some sample column data via the Windows SQL Management GUI, it appears to display ok.
> It probably isn't UTF-8, though. UTF-8 is only one possible encoding in which you can store unicode character points.

Try, on the off-chance I've read the spec right

- not bothering with mysql_encode_utf8 in the DBI connect args
- passing all data from DBI through decode("UTF-16",...) or decode("UCS-2"...) - MS's docs aren't that clear which!
- reencoding it as utf8 on the way out.

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