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Any thoughts on the best way to start getting the wiki under control? =A0So=
me ideas I have heard ranged from editting the existing, to making a new co=
py of the wiki on a new tool, like under the github org for catalyst, and c=
leaning that up.



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>On Jun 10, 2013, at 7:50 AM, John Napiorkowski wrote:
>> As for the former, there's not a lot of people actively maintaining the =
site.=A0 We probably have more content there then we can rationally manage =
given our current contributorship.=A0 I do hope we can come together and fi=
nd a way to have a smaller and more streamlined site, but right now I perso=
nally don't have time for it, and the time I do have I'd rather put into de=
velopment of new capacities, such as the websockets and evented stuff we ar=
e doing for the next release, and so forth.=A0 That shouldn't stop someone =
else from stepping up though and I'd be happy to help out if such a person =
of group did.
>I'd like to help maintain the Catalyst wiki.
>- Richard Bychowski
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