[Catalyst] New Catalyst Release on CPAN!

Evan Carroll me at evancarroll.com
Fri Jun 14 01:32:15 GMT 2013

> But the quick summary includes UTF8 support out of the box, support for event loops and async code (including goodies like Websockets, and all that stuff) as well as the usual assortment of documentation fixes and related dependency fixes.

I wish people would stop saying that in such a vague fashion. It seems
as if there is no such thing as "UTF-8" out of the box. Every time it
comes up and someone requests it, I see a very complex and detailed
message by a UTF-8 wizzard about why it's not possible and why such a
request is a stupid one. Then a few months later, I see people
claiming it's been done in some niche area.

There is Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding
And, Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode

What's wrong with those two, and what does the core magically do now?

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