[Catalyst] has_many but no left join?!

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Tue Jun 18 18:09:20 GMT 2013

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:58 PM, Stephen Shorrock <
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> Thanks Robert.
> I've attempted to extract the relevant relationship from my code, though
> when i use it i intend to group by and test for a not exists via matching=
> null row with the left join.  I really need to have a left join in this
> relationship. It appears to be working for other has_many relationships b=
> not under these circumstances. I wondered whether any knew of any
> conditions that might prevent it from working.
> Ah, well then I answered the wrong question :)

How about this code?
$c->model('MyApp::IndexStatus')->search({'old_statuses.id' =3D>

>From my novice understanding of DBIx::Class, I would expect that to find
all records from MyApp::IndexStatus that do not have a corresponding row in
old_statuses. The "join" tells the SQL generator to join the tables so that
you can add conditions about old_statuses. DBIx::Class automatically does a
LEFT JOIN because the relationship is declared has_many.

-- =

Robert Wohlfarth
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