[Catalyst] Backlog for proposed changes in next Catalyst release

Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 daxim at cpan.org
Thu Jun 27 20:41:26 GMT 2013

> so I don't really see the point of adding extra
> decoding and encoding all over the place
Because it's security relevant. By now the article
<http://perlmonks.org/?node_id=644786> should be well-known. Yes,
this specific circumstance shown there is difficult to trigger and
exploit. That's not the point. One must be in the correct mindset that
even character encoding can be an attack vector.

As a Perl programmer, you must be aware of the difference between UTF8
and UTF-8 and how decoding at the perimeter (instead of passing
through, as you described) is beneficial.
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