[Catalyst] How to get IP address of the interface which therequest come through

N.A. n-a at u01.gate01.com
Sun Mar 31 05:57:22 GMT 2013

Thank you all,

I can't find `more direct way of getting the IP address' nor way of 
getting the network interface of the HTTP-request.  The following is 
summary of what I learned from this ML and source code.

   -  'SERVER_ADDR' environment variable is not portable.
    PSGI  Specification says nothing on this variable.

   - It is HTTP server, not the Catalyst who chooses to support
    this variable or not.

    The lighttpd support 'SERVER_ADDR',
    the nginx needs additional configuration to support this, and
    HTTP::Server::PSGI(which is used by Catalyst test server) doesn't

  - In many cases, host name( '$c->req->uri->host' ) is more suitable
    because it is  IP version neutral.


(2013年03月24日 15:33), Octavian Rasnita wrote:
> From: "N.A." <n-a at u01.gate01.com>
> To: <catalyst at lists.scsys.co.uk>
>>      >> I wan to get the  IP address of the interface(network device)
>>     which the
>>      >> request come through.
>>      >
>>      > My bad.
> Unless there is a more direct way of getting the IP address, you can
> create distinct virtual hosts for each IP address that can access your
> web app and set an HTTP environment variable that specifies that IP
> address. Then read that env var in your app.
> --Octavian
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