[Catalyst] Out of Memory - File delivery issue

Craig Chant craig at homeloanpartnership.com
Thu May 2 12:50:44 GMT 2013

Thanks, I have done all that, but it just won't work?

In my controller I have....

            Content_Type =>  'application/vnd.ms-excel',
            Content_Disposition => 'attachment;filename=NBCS_Export.csv'

in my model I have a Moose attribute which is the response object and print or write (tried both) direct to it with..


But all I get in the browser is the textual output?

Do you have to use..

            Content_Type =>  'application/vnd.ms-excel',
            Content_Disposition => 'attachment;filename=NBCS_Export.csv'

Prior to writing to the response IO::File hande?

I have the header output once the result of the XLS output is known (have some or an error) in the controller, but it seems because the output being put in $self->res is performed first in the model before the headers are outputted in the controller, the headers are ignored.

Does this mean I now have to output the headers in my model as well?

And if so, why is my model outputting the view?

Help understanding this is appreciated, as I'm rather confused at the moment.



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On 2/05/2013 10:07 PM, Craig Chant wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> My model is already 'Catalyst::Model::Factory::PerRequest'
> So I have added an attribute...
> sub prepare_arguments {
>      my ($self,$c) = @_;
>      return {,
>          res         =>  $c->res
>      };
> }
> So I now have my model bound to  $c->res
> How do I assign the scalar CSV data to it?
Assuming now there is an accessor in the actual class you are using for the model, and assuming a Moose based class then rather than putting the CSV output into a scalar you want to use the 'response' object.
Something like:

$self->res->print( $my_line_of_csv );

At any rate it's how the CSV is being output in the model that you need to change.
> Surely if I use $self->res->body($xls) in the model it's no different than doing it in the  Controller and is still going to fall over with 'Out of memory'?
Yep. This is why the discussion says do it line by line rather than build a big scalar.
> I seem to be getting no-where trying to print direct to the browser...
> I've tried..
>          $c->response->header(
>              Content_Type =>  'application/vnd.ms-excel',
>              Content_Disposition => 'attachment;filename=NBCS_Export.csv'
>              );

That part's okay. You need a response Content_Type.

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