[Catalyst] Catalyst Hamburg is the new stable, Version 5.90050 on CPAN!

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 6 02:12:47 GMT 2013

Hello Catalyst Users and Hackers!

Today we mark the end of the Hamburg development cycle, which was kicked of=
f back in June. =A0This release is a bit longer in development than the pas=
t few, but as I expected, things got a bit slow over the summer (I'm Northe=
rn hemisphere located) and since we did a lot of development releases along=
 the way I think the longer cycle worked out.

Now I am please to announce=A0https://metacpan.org/release/JJNAPIORK/Cataly=
st-Runtime-5.90050 !

A number of people contributed to this release included two of my coworkers=
 here at Campus Explorer (ether++, gerda++), n0body from IRC (who stepped u=
p with a patch at the last moment that solved some testing problems in dev =
release 5) as well as many people who contributed via discussion, or doing =
code review (t0m++)

In general I think we hit most of the goals we set at the start of the hamb=
urg. =A0I'll do a full end retrospective later in the week. =A0In no partic=
ular order of important:

-- You can now declare PSGI Middleware via configuration (making it easier =
and potentially less messy to use Middleware in your applications).
-- Catalyst::Response can now consume a PSGI response (making it easier to =
use Catalyst to dispatch to an underlying PSGI application, such as one bas=
ed on Web::Machine, Web::Simple (or Dancer, or even another Catalyst applic=
-- Other small PSGI related improvements, like we now buffer request body c=
ontent if a buffer does not exist (such as if you are using FastCGI) so tha=
t PSGI applications running under Catalyst will be able to read that data.
-- You can use Hash::MultiValue for your body and query parameters. =A0This=
 approach is used in a lot of PSGI middleware and applications because it r=
educes the need to worry about if incoming parameters are scalars or arrays
-- Catalyst::Request now has a new method 'body_data' which exposes perl st=
ructures of incoming body content such as JSON and nested parameters ( Cata=
lyst now can read JSON posted data out of the box !)

We also fixed up docs, modernized some of the Moose code, added experimenta=
l support for IO-Async based event loops for doing non blocking IO (web soc=
kets, long polling, streaming, etc.) =A0And some other stuff, go check out =
the change log and view the diffs.

I'll blog more about some of these updates, and retrospect this development=
 cycle a bit later. =A0And there's nothing stopping any of the rest of you =
from playing with this and blogging as well!

What's next? =A0I'm not setting the start of a new goal specific developmen=
t cycle, but of course the repo is still open and you can branch the code a=
nd hack as you wish. =A0If you are looking for some ideas, feel free to che=
ckout our quest hub list:=A0http://questhub.io/realm/perl/explore/latest/ta=

Remember, there's lots of ways to contribute. =A0You can code of course, bu=
t we also need people that review proposals and ask questions or consider s=
olutions (see the quest hub link above), as well as people to blog, review =
documentation and just generally help out people when they are stuck on IRC.

Thanks again for everyones help, and please don't be upset if I forgot to m=
ention you by name.

Catalyst on CPAN :=A0https://metacpan.org/release/JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtim=
Git repo:=A0git://git.shadowcat.co.uk/catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git

This closes the hamburg branch. =A0On a personal note, both my Hamburg hen =
and rooster were lost to predation over the summer, so this release will se=
rve for me as a memorial to them. =A0Thanks for checking in!

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