[Catalyst] RE: change_session_id

Duncan Garland Duncan.Garland at motortrak.com
Fri Oct 18 16:25:27 GMT 2013

Hi Russell,

That works in the simple case of a single process webserver. I'll report back if there are any side-effects when we move it on to a multi-process webserver. I don't see why there should be. I think you done me a big favour.

Looks like it's just an omission in the pod.

Many thanks


From: Russell Jenkins [russell.jenkins at strategicdata.com.au]
Sent: 18 October 2013 10:53
To: The elegant MVC web framework
Subject: Re: [Catalyst] RE: change_session_id

On 18/10/13 7:05 PM, Duncan Garland wrote:
> Has anybody used this successfully?

We do use it in one project; the code in production looks like this:

   # New session id on successful auth.
   $c->_session_store_delegate( undef ); # delete any cached delegate

Unfortunately I don't remember why the call to the
"_session_store_delegate" was required. I'd go digging further if I
wasn't madly packing for OSDC in a few hours :(  Just hope it helps!

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