[Catalyst] Calling controller/action based on parameter

Richard Thomas ret at mac.com
Sat Oct 19 06:56:54 GMT 2013

> Any suggestions on how to do this?  I'm toying with a large switch statement in the root controller and visiting the appropriate controller/action based on the parameter.  Is this right?  Does Catalyst provide a way to accomplish this either easier or cleaner?

Hi Bill,

Rather than a big mess of a switch statement, I would be inclined to construct a hash that contains the rules for the mapping of the short-codes to the appropriate Controller/action, i.e.

my $codes = {
	'tms' => [ 'Controller1', 'action1' ],
	'tve' => [ 'Controler1', 'action2' ],
	'prn' => [ 'ControllerN', 'actionN' ],

then the control flow is more or less abstracted into a simple hash of rules:

if($args[0] =~ /^(\w{3})(\w{13})$/){ # separate media type from key
	my ($code, $key) = ($1, $2);
	if(my $ca = $codes->{$code}){
		$c->forward("MyApp::Controller::".$ca->[0], $ca->[1], [ $key, @args ]);
	else {

To be honest, I think this is the sort of use for which the 'Regex' action type shines, but I believe it's being deprecated.

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Richard Thomas

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