[Catalyst] apache 2.4 / mod_proxy_fcgi deployment?

Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Wed Oct 30 00:36:36 GMT 2013

There's a thread in the mailing list from 2012 that doesn't end with a working deployment recipe, so I was wondering if anyone out there is using apache 2.4 + mod_proxy_fcgi.

I'm interested in it because our people are familiar with/comfortable with apache, yet mod_fastcgi generally isn't available from the packaging systems they use (and I've had problems with mod_fcgid in the past). We're hoping to use mod_proxy_fcgi to also allow us to upgrade our app(s) without end users noticing downtime (it takes over 30 seconds for our large DBIx::Class model to load at startup). We would be moving from a mod_fastcgi setup that has been working well for us.

Having said that, this appears to work:

SetEnvIf Request_URI . proxy-fcgi-pathinfo=1
ProxyPass /app/ balancer://myapp/ nocanon
ProxyTimeout 120

<Proxy balancer://myapp/>
  BalancerMember fcgi://localhost:4000
  BalancerMember fcgi://localhost:4001

From looking through the PSGI code, I don't think it's capable of working without PATH_INFO being set, which is too bad (I'd be happy to know that I'm wrong, though). I'm also not sure if 'nocanon' is necessary (or desired).

Anyone out there with a similar setup? Thoughts? It might be nice to get something added to the docs for this.

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