[Catalyst] Development 5 Release of Catalyst 'Hamburg' on CPAN

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 31 21:51:14 GMT 2013

Hey All,

Catalyst 5.90049_005 is on CPAN, please check it out!

This is the fifth and likely last development release of Catalyst in this current series.  Assuming no serious problems show up on CPAN testers, and nobody shouts out, I will make this as stable sometime in the next few days.

In general the development releases have gone over well with CPAN testers and I feel the release is pretty solid.  That being said there are a lot of changes and features so it is well worth testing your code on this release.  Its just a 

    cpanm --dev Catalyst

Away from being on your box!

Here's the most recent changes:

  - NEW FEATURE:  New Controller action attribute 'Consumes', which allows you
    to specify the content type of the incoming request.  This makes it easier
    to create actions that only handle certain content type POST or PUT, such
    as actions that only handle JSON or actions that only understand classic
    HTML forms.
  - NEW FEATURE: Request->body_data is now also populated from classic HTML 
    Forms using CGI::Struct to support nested data.  For non nested data you
    should use the classic ->body_parameters method.
  - Removed PSGI $env keys that are added on the 'plack.request.*' namespace
    since after discussion it was clear those keys are not part of the public
    API.  Keys removed: 'plack.request.query', 'plack.request.body', 
    'plack.request.merged' and 'plack.request.http.body'. Altered some test
    cases to reflect this change.



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