[Catalyst] Working a Solr Model

John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Sun Sep 29 07:54:48 GMT 2013

I'm commencing a project that is going to use Solr because it will be 
search intensive.

My research hasn't turned up a lot in terms of discussion and how tos 
for either Solr and Perl or Solr and Catalyst. There are two CPAN 
modules which I've been experimenting with,   WebService::Solr and 
WebService::Solr only implements the LWP agent part of working with 
Solr, which still leaves one to extract the actual JSON what LWP gives 
you, plus it has fatal wide-character issues that "use utf8::all" isn't 
able to fix, and also does not support xml and csv (other formats solr 
can provide). Apache::Solr is much nicer in that it provides something 
resumbling a dbic result set, but I've already encountered a few things 
that seem like bugs and sending the resultsetlike object to the stash in 
the same way as a dbic resultset doesn't seem to work the same way.

Are other people using Solr based models? if so are you using either of 
the two CPAN modules or something else? Do you have examples and or 
notes you can share?

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