[Catalyst] Perl Catalyst Dev 5 "Runner" on CPAN

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 6 21:58:52 GMT 2014

Hey Ya All,

I've cut development release 6 and sent it on the way to CPAN.  If this release turns out to be as stable as the dev 5 release, it will become the next stable version of Catalyst.  Items that remain on the Runner quest list are either small or things that might not be great to start on so close to the end of the development cycle (like the modperl changes).  Plus, I have to use mod_perl at work and not really inspired to hack on it in my spare time ;).

This version has small changes, as befit its age:

  - MyApp->setup now returns $app to allow class method chaining.
  - New Util helper functional localize $env to make it easier to mount PSIG
    applications under controllers and actions.  See Catalyst::Utils/PSGI Helpers.

Those last set of helpers exist to make it easier to localize the PSGI $env when you are using Catalyst as a sort of dispatcher to other PSGI apps (such as other Catalyst apps, or other).  The idea here is to make it easier to build your large Catalyst application as a collection of smaller apps, should you desire that.  with the new $c->req->from_psgi_response these helpers should make it easier.

Everything that's been said about this release making deeper changes to how the body is finalized of course still apply (along with moving some key bits to middleware).   This is the last chance you get to test Runner against your code.  There's great new stuff in this release that I am sure can enable you to do new and cool things with Catalyst, but if you can't upgrade because something broke, that's going to suck.

Assuming I hear of no showstoppers this will go 'gold' sometime in the next day or two.

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