[Catalyst] Random thoughts on helper class generation

Octavian Rasnita octavian.rasnita at ssifbroker.ro
Mon Jan 27 09:24:32 GMT 2014

From: "neil.lunn" <neil at mylunn.id.au>

> On 27/01/2014 1:27 PM, John Napiorkowski wrote:
>> Neil,
>> I know the problem we have here, but honestly I think the solution is going to be more about having less stuff in Catalyst.pm rather than more...
> Hi John,
> Actually probably missed something in my intended context in the course 
> of the rant.
> Couldn't agree more with that statement, truly "less is more" and I 
> wasn't putting a shout out to either change 'Catalyst::Helper' or 
> otherwise bloat things in 'Catalyst Core'. So I think we can agree that 
> it is better to pull things out and delegate to more "generic" "add-in's".
> I have seen in some reading terms and statements such as "monolithic 
> catalyst application ...", which is sadly a sad misnomer and seems more 
> of an indictment on the development model of the authors than an actual 
> problem of Catalyst itself.
>> That said, it doesn't help today much :)  Feel free to try a plugin and see what people think.  Is a good way to shakeout new ideas.
> So largely a position on "how many people are generally cargo culting 
> the catalyst helper default files", which probably would have been a 
> better title. And otherwise trying to get a feel for what other people 
> were doing as typical, "App", "Controller", "View", "Model" setups.
> As for the code, that was my way of saying "here's one other way of 
> doing it, what's yours?"
> If anything, the only critique here regarding the helper templates is 
> that new inductees are likely to come on board and just so things as 
> they are in the manual, without much thought to what is actually 
> happening. Hence the reference to "getting logging set up under 
> ConfigLoader", and so we show another approach. But not sure exactly 
> what to do about making people think, and think differently, yet.

I think a better documentation for Catalyst *written by those who know the internals very well* would be very helpful to solve this problem.
Too bad that those people don't have the necessary time for that.

I think the fact that Catalyst has too much magic is a reason why most beginners prefer Dancer or Mojolicious.


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