[Catalyst] Monitoring Catalyst on Apache2 & FastCGI

Bernhard Bauch bauch at zsi.at
Mon May 5 10:41:31 GMT 2014

Dear all,

I'd need some help with debugging and monitoring an apache2+fastcgi
production environment ...
... i did not find any information about that online ?! :(

what i would need is logs of the fcgi processes that show:
* the request IP, url and paramters
* how long it took to answer a request
* cpu+mem usage of each process

putting a catalyst application into Debug-mode is one option;
but thats not clever for a production environment ... and its pretty
hard to scan through all that information.

any ideas ?

the story behind....

We are running a bunch of Catalyst applications in an Apache2 and
FastCGI production environemnt.
Since a few days it happend 2 times, that one of these applications ran
really "hot";
the fcgi processes of that application used 4times more ram and constant
high CPU-usage.
the result was, that apache spanned lots of processes trying to answer
all requests;
>>> so at the end *all* requests to apache2 returned a "timeout" ..

i tried to find out what the problem was; grubbed through lots of apache
access logs without any reasonable result :(

i'd be thankful for any hints how a catalyst+apache+fastcgi environment
can be monitored ..

thanks alot,

Bernhard Bauch, Webdevelopment
ZSI - Zentrum für soziale Innovation
bauch at zsi.at
Skype: berni-zsi

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