[Catalyst] Catalyst release and new documentation project

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Thu May 29 15:10:26 GMT 2014

Hi Catalyst Developers!

You might have noticed a new dev release of Catalyst is on CPAN: Catalyst-Runtime-5.90069_001 - The Catalyst Framework Runtime - metacpan.org
 Catalyst-Runtime-5.90069_001 - The Catalyst Framework Runtime - metacpan.org
The Catalyst Framework Runtime  
View on metacpan.org Preview by Yahoo  

This is a modest first release in the Ancona series that introduces some changes to how Catalyst logger works. If you've run into issues setting up the logger you might want to take a look.  There's also some bug fixes and documentation improvements.

Additionally I've cut a repository for a new documentation project, which I've also blogged about:

Perl Catalyst - Concepts, Components and (use) Cases. - Modern Perl

   Perl Catalyst - Concepts, Components and (use) Case...
Howdy All, One of the main ongoing themes of discussion around Perl Catalyst is to determine a mid to long term roadmap for where the platform is goin...  
View on jjnapiorkowski.typepa... Preview by Yahoo  

Please take a look and help me shape the direction of the documentation project, so that it reflects the issues you find head scratching!

John (jnap) 
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