[Catalyst] Log4Perl and Catalyst startup routing table

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Thu Nov 13 20:22:10 GMT 2014

Hi Adam,

* Adam Witney <awitney at sgul.ac.uk> [2014-11-13 12:45]:
> I saw this post, but I 'm not sure I can use it to get the Catalyst
> normal startup output in my logs. Is this possible?

I guess you could make half a work-around with this module, by writing
a plugin that uses the module to log this data manually during startup.
How satisfactory that is I cannot say, since that depends on whether you
also want the normal debug output to not to go to screen and whether you
need debug mode in general.

The problem with redirecting this stuff is that Catalyst produces the
debug output very early during its startup, before it has loaded any
extensions or plugins, so the logging facilities are the built-in stuff.
(Hm, maybe it is possible to load the logging-related modules yourself
and then hack them in with BEGIN or some such.) The code to produce this
output is part of the startup code and not well accessible separately
(which is the whole reason for CatalystX::Info after all).

I.e. Catalyst basically doesn’t support what you want, and any solution
done without built-in support will be ugly in some way or other.

However maybe it can be modularised to support this. The tricky part of
that is that you do want to output this info early, so that it will be
useful for debugging e.g. when components break during loading – but
OTOH it should optionally be subject to the user’s configured logging
system. How do you resolve that contradiction? The rest of a new design
should fall out of the answer to that question automatically.

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