[Catalyst] Perl Catalyst Community Poll and new Development Release!

Patrick Simon pas.freelance at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 21 14:42:51 GMT 2015

Morning all,

There's a new poll aimed at the community:

Its only eight questions so shouldn't cause you a lot of trouble at work :)
Please take a look.

We also release the second development cut of Perl Catalyst Australorp,
which is going to eventually be the 5.9009x stable branch. The big changes
are we tightened up type constraint checking on your args / capture args
and we cored a few Catalyst extensibility features previously found only in
external modules. Current development will continue around these bits and I
hope to revisit some of the tasks around web API development, since that's
a hot topic!


So far this is shaping up to be a pretty stable release but please git it a
go on your local code and report issues.

We've also been trying to clear out old issue in the RT bug report for
Catalyst. If you have an old bug report that has been long closed or is no
longer relevent please consider logging in and closing it for me:

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