[Catalyst] Sending 3000 emails.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Fri Dec 4 16:35:37 GMT 2015

  one does not send any email directly as the result of a browser interaction,
  but rather one notes that an email needs to be sent (queues a job request),
  and a demon or cron job (a queue processor) creates ands sends the mail.

  ----> So let's do this. How do we go about it?
  Scenario - users want to be alerted via email when a new job on a job board is posted.
  So we've a website that's a Catalyst app.
  At some point in the app, - when a new job post is being created - we note that emails need to be sent to everyone who wanted a head's up on this event.
  So what am I doing?
  Am I using Email::Stuffer to send via sendmail, which on my system appears to be handled by exim (which can be installed in place of sendmail)...? Or are you saying using Email::Stuffer doesn't queue a job request - it just sends instantly - in which case - how do you queue? Do I just write the source code for the email, and the mysql statement to get the user's emails, to a text file somewhere, in some directory, and let a Perl script running at set times via cron, read in the files, and process them later?
  Or should I be looking for certain CPAN mail queuing modules...?

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