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On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 2:04 PM, Andrew <catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk>

> If you're handing off the mail to exim, you're fine.  Your implementation
> is correct for your use case
> ---> Of course, I'm guessing I'm handing off to exim - I should probably
> do something to check!
> Look for Email::Sender configuration.  It probably defaults to sendmail,
which is what you want.

> if the sign up for your service,
> queue a "send them a welcome email" job,
> and let the web request request return.
> Then a separate process:
> sees that an email needs to be sent,
> generates the email,
> and hands it off to exim.
> ----> So what does the separate process have to be? A process apart from
> my Catalyst app - like an entirely different perl script that could be a
> cron job or something - or can I return a response to the browser within my
> catalyst subroutine, and then call a private catalyst subroutine to handle
> the email sending?
> What triggers the sending of the 3000?

I use a table as a queue, and I write a program that loops over the queue
until no more work to do:

   1.  read the least-recently-processed job from the queue that has work
   to do
      1. determine work-to-do as unassigned.  (PID is null)
   2. mark it as assigned
      1. i keep a pid column and update the pid into the record
   3. do the work
      1. the whole job of some slice
   4. if done,
      1. perform post job bookkeeping
   5. else
      1. update in-progress status (num_complete)
      2. update PID = NULL
         1. so the job processor can come back too it.

I use this algorithm to send 500 emails at a time (in RoR). After 500, the
job goes to the end of the queue, and the next job is processed.

My processor is a stand-alone script that is run from cron.

> ---> And yes, after the quick fix, it wouldn't hurt to debug and see if
> there are memory issues.
> That's the fun part.

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