[Catalyst] Sending 3000 emails.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 17:05:20 GMT 2015

I would pick up at least an email alias, that can be easibly
auto-generated and updated each time a new user joins.

---> While I understand the principles you are recommending, I'm not sure
exactly what is being suggested, as regards to implementation. Are we
talking exim, vexim, a custom perl script, sendgrid, mailshot, mailman, ....
I get the principle - the Catalyst app just sends to one email address -
that email address sends a copy to all 3000 emails. How to setup that one
email though, I'm not sure.

This way you
are at least hiding the 3000+ receivers behind a single email, letting
the email software to do the stuff it has been built for.

---> Yes...and that's the question: What email software? ^_^

The next step would be to use a mailing list, internal or external.

---> Perhaps this is a clue - are you recommending mailing list software to
do the job?

The only reason I could see for looping thru every email address could
be to store in the database the result of the sending process, which
is in my opinion worthless.

---> Well, at the moment I'm looping through every email address to
construct a "To" line, to add to the email source, which then gets sent
using sendmail - as described in my last email to the group. Given I
mentioned 8 minutes of unresponsiveness when it comes to webpage requests
from a browser - this obviously isn't ideal, ^_^.

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