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Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Sat Jan 3 21:16:06 GMT 2015

From: Kieren Diment 

  The catalyst docs could do with a substantial review, they haven't had much attention lately.  In particular there could do with being a good index.

  I think the issue with people thinking catalyst is too big/complex is that lots and lots of developers are used to a procedural approach to dealing with web applications, and have troulble with a couple of things. These are:

  1.  Lots of people are in the habit of writing procedural web apps, and don't feel that they want to shift over to a more OO style.

  Yes, but shifting to OO style requires a very good knowledge of the entire module stack used. If these modules are too smart, the documentation should explain they very well.

  2.  Some aspects of the dispatcher freak people out until they learn it (and especially until they get comfortable with chained) and this is a bit of a point of resistance.

  And I'd say that the fact that Catalyst uses method attributes which in general are discouraged and very rarely found in other projects is another obstacle. Probably some people might like to be able to write their own hello world script that also uses method attributes in order to see how they work and what are their limits in order to understand then a more complex system of attributes in Catalyst.

  3.  Catalyst used to be hard to install (and catalyst had a lot of influence on improving the cpan toolchain during the relatively early days), but this isn't the case any more, but the perception lingers in places.

  I think that the last time I also installed Catalyst or a Catalyst component in a hurry by using --force.

  I spent today a pretty long time trying to install RapidApp, which is a Catalyst extension, but finally I abandoned the idea.
  I installed a few modules by using ActiveState's ppm and a few others after looking in the .log file with the errors generated by cpanm, but there are other modules required, like JSON::DWIW which don't appear to be made to work under Windows.

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