[Catalyst] Advent Calendar... Grant proposal...

rick at hiranyaloka.com rick at hiranyaloka.com
Sun Jan 18 18:27:13 GMT 2015

Octavian said:
> Imho a beginner should not start by creating "best practice" apps, but
> apps
> which help him/her to understand each step as easy as possible. She or he
> just need to know that there are better ways that will be learned later.

Your 2012 Catalyst Advent Calendar articles "Catalyst in 9 Steps" embodied
that principle nicely. I'd like to see those articles extended further,
and have them linked in the official documentation.

Why not set a documentation goal that would allow a perl newbie with Perl
Beginner/(Intermediate) under his/her belt, be able to start hacking on a
Catalyst app, with relevant documentation to take them all the way to a
production ready, best practice site?

That is where those 2012 Advent articles were heading, I think that is a
great idea. IMHO :)

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