[Catalyst] problem with DBIx, Catalyst and PostgreSQL

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Thu Jan 29 10:20:42 GMT 2015

Hi all,
I'm working on an application and I've a problem I cannot resolve.
I've a postgresql database with a workers table, loggin of queries is on.
I've created the schema with:

% perl script/smickets_create.pl model SmicketsDB DBIC::Schema
Smickets::Schema create=static dbi:Pg:dbname=smicketsdb username

and I've got the Result for the table Workers in
So everything seems fine to me, but when in my controller I try to do:

my $workers = $c->model( 'SmicketsDB::Workers' )->all();

I got the following error:

Caught exception in Smickets::Controller::Workers->list "Can't call
method "all" on an undefined value at
line 35."

I've checked that the database connection info is ok, and that the
table contains some data. Moreover, I cannot see any query running
against the database.
What am I missing?


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