[Catalyst] Error: "You requested a stash, but one does not exist" #2

Bernhard Bauch bauch at zsi.at
Wed May 20 10:03:36 GMT 2015

Hey all,

i'm testing an update to the latest Catalyst version.
the web-application via FCGI works fine, but i do run Catalyst from command line scripts as well.

	use MyApp;

	my $c = MyApp->new(); 

	my $val = "12345";
	$c->stash->{val} = $val;

	my $stash = $c->stash->{val};
	print "from stash: $stash\n";

since the upgrade i get the following error:

	You requested a stash, but one does not exist at .....\site\lib\Catalyst.pm line 517.

As i read stash is now a middleware plugin; and is stored in the PSGI? environment; for sure thats not available when running from CLI.

how to i make the good old stash working if i'm from command line ?

thanks for support,

Bernhard Bauch

ZSI-Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH
Centre for Social Innovation

Linke Wienzeile 246, A-1150 Wien, Austria
Mail: bauch at zsi.at
Skype: berni-zsi

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