[Catalyst] mod_fastcgi config for a Catalyst app.

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Sat Oct 17 20:48:25 GMT 2015

Could someone help me, with a bit of plain english please?
Am finding the tutorials on getting mod_fastcgi installed and working a tad confusing.

I have a VPS with Cpanel and WHM.
Apache 2.2.24
A number of different user directories,
only one of which has to run a Catalyst app.
[Although it would be nice to use one user as a dev server, and another user as a production server]

I have downloaded http://fastcgi.com/dist/mod_fastcgi-current.tar.gz
I extracted this on the hard drive of my MacBook Pro.
This gave me the folder:

On my VPS, my apache appeared to be installed at /usr/local/apache
...so I opened up Makefile.AP2 within the mod_fastcgi-2.4.6 folder on my laptop, using a text editor, and changed:
top_dir    = /usr/local/apache2
to the following:
top_dir    = /usr/local/apache
...so that the top directory path would be correct.

I then uploaded the entire mod_fastcgi-2.4.6 folder to the root of my VPS.

I opened a terminal window and logged in as root, using SSH.
I changed directory to the folder I'd just uploaded:
cd mod_fastcgi-2.4.6
Then I entered the three command lines in the installation instructions, one after each other:
cp Makefile.AP2 Makefile
make install

I then browsed to the folder:
...and saw the file: 
... was now in there, so assumed that's mod_fastcgi installed! =D Hooray!

So now I believe I need to:
Configure Apache.
Restart Apache.
Run my Catalyst App.
....and this is where I'm having trouble.

Here are my problems:


Tutorials imply the following line should be added to the httpd.conf file:
LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so
...with modules being the folder mod_fastcgi.so is in on my VPS.

So - my first question - where in httpd.conf do I put it?
At the very start?
In between the <Virtual Host> tags for the domain name I want the Catalyst App to be at?
In the include conf files, for my domain name (the includes are in the last line before the virtual host tag closes)?
Or do I forget about httpd.conf entirely, and shove it in a .htaccess file, in my app's directory?

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