[Catalyst] Feasibility questions ref transition to Catalyst

Andrew catalystgroup at unitedgames.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 16:03:44 GMT 2016

1.  Is possible to move to Catalyst incrementally?  In other words, can I
start deploying Catalyst using at least some of my existing static code?

---> I'm new to Catalyst, and have found, although as a framework, it sets
up a structure in terms of folders and where scripts are, I can pretty much
copy and paste old code into a Catalyst Controller, and it usually works.
Basically, everything is still Perl 5. For example, I haven't put anything
in the Model or View folders. I'm still just reading in html templates,
doing a pattern-matched-based find-and-replace to throw in the dynamic data,
and then printing to the screen/browser, rather than using any of the
template toolkit stuff that's encouraged. From this, I get the impression,
you can use what you want from Catalyst, and ignore what you don't want to
use, ... maybe it's not best practice, but it certainly appears possible,
and thus may be a way of moving over incrementally.

2.  Another concern is how the virtual hosts are served by Catalyst. Can
there be multiple instances of Catalyst, or do I have to do some fancy
footwork to handle virtual hosts with one instance.

---> As a n00b, forgive me for not being sure what you mean by virtual
hosts. I've managed to get everything working on a VPS from a web hosting
company. So in that sense, it all works on shared hosting. I've also been
able to get one Catalyst app running at two URLs. I did have to fiddle with
some Virtual Host stuff for that, - all done at the time I setup FastCGI and
Plack and all of that gubbins, I've completely forgotten about after I got
it working, ^_^. All running on Apache 2 by the way, if that's relevant to
you, =).

3. I see the Catalyst book is several years old. Is it still reasonably
current for reference?

---> I had the book for ages and hoped to learn Catalyst from it, yet found
I never got round to learning from it. I found it much easier following the
stuff at www.catalystframework.org/calendar/ where you can access stuff by
year. Although I've just noticed 2015 isn't there, O_o...!? Anyway - I'd say
the book is your basic foundation, and the advent calendars bring you
up-to-date. However, I'd also say the book waffles on and on before getting
to the point, whereas the online articles are short and to the point with
example code and cool stuff to try, =). The book has stuff to try as you go
too, I just wish it was written as succinctly as Perl in Two Hours:

Thank you for your assistance and patience.

---> As a N00b, I don't give the best advice. Just sharing some thoughts.

---> Yours,
---> Andrew.

Best regards,

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