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Chris Welch welch.chris at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 17:21:33 GMT 2016


This is not actually a technical request, so apologies if I shouldn't be
asking this here.

I'm hoping some of you can recommend a host - I've got my site to a point
where I need to think about putting it online somewhere.  It's a rewrite of
a current site, which I wrote 10 years ago when I was learning Perl and
that does a maximum of 500MB bandwidth a month, so I don't think I'd need
any more than 1GB to be safe, but I don't know what sort of server specs I
ought to be going for with a database (MySQL) driven site (my current one
uses dbm hashes).

I've had a look at the (Google cached, as it seems to be down at the
moment) hosting page on the Catalyst wiki and most of the reviews aren't
very recent, so it would be handy to know if there are any up-to-date
recommendations.  I don't necessarily need UK based hosting, but something
that's reasonably responsive for UK-based visitors.  My current site is
hosted here: https://krystal.co.uk/ - I have always been happy with them,
but the requirement to move to VPS to host the Catalyst app means I need to
shop around a bit - their VPS costs don't seem to offer as much as some of
the others.

This is a local sports league website, so I don't have a huge amount of
money to play with - I think I can persuade them to spend about £10-15 a

Thank you in advance.

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